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MakeUp: LASplash Cosmetics- Lip Couture Review ‘Latte Confession’

I purchased 4 shades of Lip Couture from LASplash Cosmetics, and I’ll be sharing my review from each day I tried them, culminating in a swatching video that I’ll be sharing from my YouTube channel.

Lip Couture Shades: Forbidden, Poison Apple, Latte Confession, Innocent Vixen (There is more of an introduction to the product and brand in an earlier post, here. )

Day 3: Latte Confession


I ordered this color because from what I’d seen on swatching videos it was more of a pretty pinkish-nudish color than it appeared to be on the website.  I’m always in the market for a pretty pinkish-nude because you can wear them just about any time, with just about any thing.  Maybe these colors look different on different people, because on me this didn’t look quite as pinkish as I’d hoped.

20150613_125902I busted my eye open not long after having applied this.  You’ll notice in the other photos.  Perhaps that colored my view of this, but it’s not my favorite.  We were making a trip to have lunch with family on this day.  Yummy Chicken Express (if you don’t know what that is, then I just feel plain sorry for you).  This didn’t wear too badly, there wasn’t the ring of death I’ve noted in my other posts about these kinds of lip colors.

Unfortunately, because we were out and about so much this day, I wasn’t able to get a simple “after eating” shot to show how it wore with food and drink.  But my end of the night shot is pretty self-explanatory.  The lipstick is barely visible, but not20150614_010647worn in any particular pattern- just worn overall.  I’d rather this than a noticeable separation between lip and stick. Or whatever.  You’ll also notice the eye gash.  I expect sympathy from all.

I know this is a much shorter post than the others.  I think I’m getting to the point where there’s not much new to say about them other than the difference in color and apparently wear patterns.  One more shade to go, and then the swatching video will commence! 🙂

(My husband didn’t care about this color at all.  I’m just keeping you all in the loop. )


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Ok, y’all!  I know, I’ve been MIA.  But I’m coming back soon with some exciting stuff.   I’ve got some product reviews, some new music to check out, and some opinion pieces all coming together (maybe even some tutorial videos!).

So stay with me, subscribe or check back soon- or follow me on Facebook at Sarah Smiles – Awhile to be notified of new posts, or keep in touch with my shorter thoughts. 🙂

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I figured I should start this off with a sort of introduction. But I’m terrible with introductions and talking about myself and all that jazz.

So this will be short.
And basically a copy of the ‘About’ page.

There is no rhyme or reason to this blog. It will likely rarely be updated and possibly less frequently shared. I have a terrible track record with blogs.
My intent is to simply put whatever I feel like it here. Some times that will mean a music review, sometimes cooking stuff and food porn, some times product reviews, some times personal stuff. Basically there is no particular theme. So like it or lump it.

And now, I’d just like you to know a little something about me:

My name is Sarah.  Obviously. That is why this blog is titled “Sarah Smiles (Awhile)”.

I tend to use the art (music, paintings, writings, etc) of others to express my own depth and individuality. o.O

I come up with extensive plans and ideas in the shower; which unfortunately happens to be the place where I can’t utilize pen and paper, or an electronic recording device to memorialize them. 😦

I am amused by comedy that presses an issue for an awkwardly long amount of time. 😀

I love Robert Downey Jr. ❤


So. There’s that. I hope anyone who reads this enjoys whatever else they might read here.