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MakeUp: LASplash Cosmetics- Lip Couture Review ‘Forbidden’

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I purchased 4 shades of Lip Couture from LASplash Cosmetics, and I’ll be sharing my review from each day I tried them, culminating in a swatching video that I’ll be sharing from my YouTube channel.

Lip Couture Shades: Forbidden, Poison Apple, Latte Confession, Innocent Vixen

Day 1: Forbidden

Lip Couture - Forbidden                          Forbidden

I decided to do a little pampering.  My daughter and I put on Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask**, so I decided to go ahead and also try on my first Lip Couture color, Forbidden, and practicing a winged eyeliner tutorial.

Poorly applied  winged liner, and freshly applied Forbidden Lip Couture.  Also, how do you like the facial mask buildup above my lip?  You're welcome.

Poorly applied winged liner, and freshly applied Forbidden Lip Couture. Also, how do you like the facial mask buildup above my lip? You’re welcome.

I’ve been reading up on this brand for a while, since I was introduced to it in a Goss Makeup Artist video on YouTube.  It’s apparently pretty comparable to Lime Crime’s Velvetine line, at almost half the price.  So I figured, why not?

They’re liquid to matte lip colors. Supposedly these are completely waterproof, won’t transfer, and stay on FOREVER (okay, maybe not quite forever), only being easily removed with their own removal product. (I did not purchase the removal product.) Supposedly this doesn’t come off while eating, drinking, even with greasy foods.  We’ll see.

I’m still wearing, as I type this, my first day color (Forbidden), and we had pizza for dinner. So far, the color is still there, even after eating and drinking.  But I have not found it to be completely non-transferable.  When I kissed my hand after putting it on, and letting it dry for 2 minutes, it still transferred a small bit.  And now, after eating, if I brush my lips, I can see the color on my hand or whatnot.  But, let me reiterate, the color on my lips is still very much there.

I do believe that it is of note that the color of the actual lipstick is not very accurately represented by the color swatch on the website.  I’d do some research for yourself (YouTube videos for the shade you’re interested in, if it’s not one of the 4 I have here, because I will be doing a swatching video after this written post) before committing.  Unless you have $15 to toss away, which I guess I kinda did because I wanted them no matter what they turned out like. 😀

I can say that, so far, I would definitely call this comparable in quality and staying power (if not better than) to Lime Crime Velvetine.  I have the Velvetine in Wicked, and it has never lasted an entire day for me.  It ALWAYS comes off in the middle of my mouth, where food or drink would enter, and I’d end up with just a ring around my lips.  Then I’d have to reapply.  With Lip Couture, so far, I have not had to reapply.

After eating dinner, drinking, eating dessert.  Still there, no reapplication necessary.

After eating dinner, drinking, eating dessert. Still there, no reapplication necessary.

Here’s a shot of the end of the night, before I attempted to remove the lipstick.  It took a LOT of work to get it off, and even after soaking my lips in coconut oil, and then using a makeup removing cleanser, AND a rotating exfoliation brush, there was still a faint color.  Additionally, in a lot of the research and reviews I read and watched on these, people complained about the smell of the product.  I honestly haven’t noticed any strong or displeasing smell.  I mean, the smell isn’t great, I’m not sniffing the hell out of the applicator.  But really I haven’t noticed much of a smell at all just while applying.

Sidenote: My husband did not like this shade. Can you guess how much I cared?  I wanted a pink statement lip, and this definitely delivers that.

*Added the next day, it did fade the rest of the way overnight.  My lips were practically bare by morning.

** Paula’s Choice is a brand of skincare products that I’ve been using for months now.  They’ve changed my life, and that’s not an exaggeration.  I’ll be doing a blog post on the products I use specifically, soon.  But, I wanted to provide my referral link now, because it will get a new customer $10 off their first order.  
Paula’s Choice Referral Link:


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